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Finals and Fundraiser for Mrs. Dougherty

Here's the schedule for final exam week:
Final Exam Schedule.jpg

Here's some information about a fundraiser you can participate in for Mrs. Dougherty, my English teacher colleague who is struggling with cancer. Print out the flyer and 20% of your order will be donated.

February Special Announcement!

Handouts relevant to all classes

Sometimes I will offer extra credit for looking up and turning in a copy of an entry for a word from the Oxford English Dictionary. There is a complete set in the Media Center (it is quite a few volumes). This handout goes over the parts you want to make sure to include to get the credit:

(handout from Dr. Wheeler's courses page at Carson-Newman College, It is a valuable resource for many topics in English.)

Instructions for an In-Class Write

Updates on Courses

Please let me know what questions you have, and I will attempt to answer them here!


Call for Nominations: The MizCees


I haven't announced a new Wiki of the Week in a while... so I decided that since it's awards show season...
Call for nominations for the MizCees! (Ms. C's).
Please nominate class wikis, pages, members of your class for best jobs (Best Secretary, Best Written Documentarian, Best Minister of Bureaucracy, etc.).
Send me a message with your nomination today! - cohenli cohenli

1/2/12: Happy New Year All!
I will update a brand new Wiki of the Week soon, and I will post a classes-wide extra credit opportunity.
Hope you're having a happy, safe, healthy break!
- cohenli cohenli

Students. Use the resources on this wiki and your class wiki more effectively. If you are in my AP English Language and Composition class, visit this page frequently. Visit your class wiki frequently and get to understand what's there, what you can put there, and how it's organized.

Some good discussions going on! Keep posting to your class wikis when you have questions on homework. You'll get your question answered, and someone else may ask something useful!

Click here to see the most recent Wiki of the Week winner.

Wiki suggestion of the day: Search better!
Use the "Search Wiki" box.
For example:
Or build in a Google Search box

Also, to find a word or phrase on a page, use Control+F (Find) (on a Mac, Command+F). 90% of People Don't Know How to Use CTRL+F

Some AP Language students have asked what other activities we will be doing with Freakonomics. Well, your research paper will relate to the ideas Freakonomics investigates. Make sure you've read it!
Also, it is unlikely we will have time this year to have in-class activities related to A Room of One's Own (Woolf). I will offer an extra credit opportunity (soon) for those who read it.
Lastly, on Monday, 12/4/11, all 10th graders will take a district-administered "field test" for FCAT Writes during 1st block.

Some good action on all the class wikis! Keep it up!

There are TWO Wikis of the Week for the week of 11/20/11 - 11/27/11.
First, congratulations Block 7 for excellent use of their wiki on the Freakonomics group assignment. All who posted to the wiki during this week will get +5 extra credit.
AND congratulations again to Block 6, who had the most individual contributors and most edits for the week. All who posted to the wiki during this week will get +5 extra credit.

Block 4 was a close runner-up. Keep going! Although you didn't make Wiki of the Week this week, +1 to all who contributed during this period of time.

Unfortunately there is no Wiki of the Week for 11/14/11 - 11/21/11. I was looking for some innovative uses of the wiki for studying (for the arrangement terms quiz, King Lear, etc.) but it looks like we're still working on using the wiki to learn better and smarter.
Next week: I will award Wiki of the Week to the class that shows the best use of the 5 canons of rhetoric.
Keep using your wikis!

11/15/11: I hope more people are now visiting the wiki and looking at these updates!
AP Language, remember that there are a lot of ways to bring up your grade this term; take advantage! For example: a link to the Language and Composition page...
That is all.

11/13/11: I was very sick last week! I hope none of you have been sick with the virus I had; it was quite dismal.
However, I am really happy to see you are using your wikis!
In no particular order, some good moves by different classes:
Shout Outs and Good Work!
  • The Thin Blue Line assignment that you had while I was out. Thanks Catherine! On an assignment like this, feel free to share your responses with each other and give feedback! Keep up the nice work, block 1!
  • A great start to editing some of the notes-- check out Caleb's edits on The Thin Blue Line. Block 7! Yay!
  • Block 4 is really doing some nice work on the wiki too; check out the calendar and their active discussion.
  • Block 5, I just finished looking at your Lear visualizations! Keep posting to the wiki regularly!

And, lastly, the brand new


Week of 12/4/11 - 12/11/11
BLOCK 4. Why:
Work Cited for "Fail"
Fail Work Cited
Works Cited: "Fail"
Make sure it's MLA 2009
Each person who was a part of the discussion, in block 4, will receive +10 extra credit!

For those keeping a tally:
11/6 - 11/13: Block 6
11/14 - 11/21: no one
11/20 - 11/27: Block 7 and Block 6

award goes to:

Calendar updates

--Block 5, you will have a QUIZ on King Lear, acts 3 - 5, on Thursday, 11/17
--Blocks 1 & 7: Your term quiz, which will be mainly on Arrangement, but will include terms from previous lists ("Intro to Rhetoric" and "Invention/Argument"), will be on Wednesday, 11/16.
Terms Lists link
--Blocks 2 & 4: Your terms quiz, (see above): Thursday, 11/17
--All AP Language: read Freakonomics! Be through chapter 4 by Thursday/Friday.

AP Language: The week of 11/7/11 we will continue with writing portfolios.

10/26/11: Please explore the different help and advice I've added to Jobs and Wiki Help.
Link of the day: Wikipatterns

10/10/11: AP English Language: The lack of reading of the assigned books for the class puzzles me. All I can do is continue to encourage you to read what is assigned. It's not a lot actually, and it will determine the extent to which you understand the overall goals and ideas of the course.
From Vladimir Nabokov, in his essay "Good Readers and Good Writers" (the introduction to Lectures on Literature):
"There are three points of view from which a writer can be considered: he may be considered as a storyteller, as a teacher, and as an enchanter. A major writer combines these three-- storyteller, teacher, enchanter-- but it is the enchanter in him that predominates and makes him a major writer."

9/25/11: Some of you are really doing great work on your wikis. Do some research (for example, on this page, see Advice and Suggestions) and work on how to get your classmates more involved. It's hard at first, but the more that participate, the more the wiki will start to save time and enhance learning. The biggest thing to remember is that there is an arsenal of methods to get involved; use some trial-and-error to test out different contribution and management methods.

9/13/11: Here are some updates on what we're going to do in future classes:
Day 1 Language: On Wednesday 9/14, we will work on your portfolios. We will go over your Palm Beach Writes essay on leaders, and you will have a chance to go over the practice multiple choice you worked on in groups.
Day 2 Language: Thursday, 9/15 is an LTM (Learning Team Meeting) Day, so we will not have time to work on your portfolios until Monday, 9/19. On Thursday, you will have your quiz on the "Intro to Rhetoric" terms (about 25 questions, matching definitions).
In addition to "Letter from Birmingham Jail", we will go over another essay that focuses on making strong arguments, "The Singer Solution to World Poverty"
All Language classes: Next week (9/19 - 9/23) you will write another Palm Beach Writes essay and you will write your first AP essay. The AP essay will be an argument essay. You can get an idea of some of the prompt possibilities by visiting AP Central.
AP Literature: We will go over the key figurative language terms important for poetry and we will begin to analyze meter.
Lastly, Tuesday, 9/13, was Open House, so many parents will be joining our wikis and adding to the discussion. Welcome!

9/9/11: Yes, we will be going over A Room of One's Own (Woolf). This will be after we work on 1984, and I will give you certain excerpts from Woolf's essay that we will focus on (for you to read or reread).
A couple of students who missed the student survey (that you did with "clickers") asked about what the questions were. This is the set used with Day 2 (blocks 4 and 6):

9/8/11: You all have done a great job learning all about AP multiple choice; keep up the good work!
For Turn of the Screw, we will be doing some in-class activities on specific pieces of text, and I will give you a "Did You Read This" (DYRT) multiple choice test when we are finished reading (you should be on track to finish by the end of next week if you're concerned about what pace you should be going).
We will also be going over your first Palm Beach Writes essay (on successful leaders), and in the next two weeks you will have an in-class AP English Lang and Comp style essay, specifically the kind in which you must develop your own argument on some given topic (very similar to an FCAT Writes persuasive essay).
Apparently there was a problem with the Edline database, but the latest I've heard is that it is getting fixed. If in the meantime you would like information about your current grade, please ask any time.
You will also have a "job review" soon, so make sure you're doing your job! Let me know if you have questions about how to do that better.
~Ms. Cohen