If you missed the Peer Evaluation lesson in class
(because you were still writing your rough draft or you were absent), you can make it up.

1. Upload YOUR draft for someone else to evaluate.
2. Evaluate one of the drafts here.
3. Upload your completed peer evaluation form here so that the writer of the essay you evaluated can use your feedback. Label, save your files with names, etc. so that it's clear who you are and who wrote the paper you're evaluating.
4. ???
5. Profit.

To do the peer evaluation:

Post drafts here:

Nicole: I'm dropping in what I wrote in the live chat yesterday, just in case you don't have it:
Ms. Cohen: I like that it is an "identify the factors" type question Nicole. More:
I don't think you have to specify "nature or nurture" as that pretty much includes any reason

Nicole: Ok. Other than that, I should change the argue to identify, and it would be okay?
Ms. Cohen: yes-- or some other more apt word.
On your rough draft, Nicole, the words "nurture" and "nature" can obscure meaning more than they clarify, in my opinion.
Perhaps just be more exact-- things like "environment, life experiences" or "genetics"
Nicole, I would also like to see your arguments more targeted towards what they say about differences in math and science achievement, specifically, in boys/girls/men/women

Also, Nicole, you have to tell the reader what the differences in math/science scores are for boys/girls
Could I include the graph I have as my source?
Perhaps. Or summarize or paraphrase points from it. But do this early on. You need to lay some groundwork of known facts/results from studies before you account for what has caused them
- Willene Willene
- Willene Willene

Past Synthesis Prompts
"[Identif[y] the key issues associated with the locavore movement and examin[e] their implications for the community"
"[D]evelop a position on the extent to which government should be responsible for fostering green practices"
"evaluate the most important factors that a school should consider before using particular technologies in curriculum and instruction."
"evaluate daylight saving time and offer a recommendation about its continued use"
"develop a position about what issues should be considered most important in making decisions about space exploration"
"use this issue to argue the extent to which schools should support individuality or conformity"
"develop a position on whether or not the penny coin should be eliminated."
"develop a position on whether or not there should be specific texts that all students of high school English must read."
"develop a position on the effects of advertising."
"develop a position on the most important considerations facing the person responsible for securing a new work of art or an artifact for a museum"
"take a position that defends, challenges, or qualifies the claim that television has had a positive impact on presidential elections."
"evaluate what a business or government agency would need to consider before transferring a hardy but nonindigenous species to another country."
On how to create a synthesis question (with example on memoir):
"take a position that defends, challenges, or qualifies the claim that a memoirist’s commitment to the truth is of absolute importance in memoir writing."