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The Big Checklist:
or How to Optimize the Learning in our Classroom

Use the Wiki to Do Your Job!

Wikis are super flexible and useful. You will do a lot less work (all students) if you use your class wiki more.

All Students

there are a lot of opportunities for people to do their jobs. So start doing them!
You might learn a few lessons on motivation, behavior, and how people respond to technology by clicking here.
Some basics on how to edit the wiki.
You can do it! Some inspiration:

More on this sixth grader/app developer.

Written documentarians

People will use the wiki more if there is useful info. there. Start putting notes up! You can use the scanner and/or computers in the classroom.
If more people start using the wiki, we can do a lot of amazing things, like:
--not printing out as much homework (post it on the wiki)
--have live chats (to help with homework, tutoring, random Q & A, etc.)
--learn faster, easier, and better!
Also explore online to learn about taking better notes. For example, from Dartmouth's Academic Skills Center.

Visual documentarians

we need more visuals of what we are learning!
(also see more in the second half of this page)
A good place to start is to observe the work of professionals. Check out Dribble, a display showcase of designers' work.
Also, start following some blogs on visual rhetoric, such as Information Is Beautiful, Information Aesthetics, and Visual Complexity.


We have a rhetoric problem. People know about the class wiki, people know about their jobs, and yet, people are not using the wiki or doing their jobs. Come up with a marketing plan! How can you give people information (via visual or written or multimedia rhetoric) and persuade them to do these things?
Also, think about how you can use the wiki to communicate with your Managers and/or whole class.
You may want to start with learning how to do a SWOT analysis.

Minister of Culture

(see above)
Also consider learning more about organizational culture and culture in general.

Board Monitors

(see above).
And some of you have been putting up some really great quotations. Keep it up!
You may want to learn more about board tools or more about the whiteboard in general.

Technology Managers

Using Technology in the ClassroomHere's a good list on "top tools" for the classroom: A resource list from the Educational Technology Users Group. A lot of helpful ideas and links!Also, getting more people to use electronic copies of books and essays we read would be another great accomplishment. Here is a post on sites that have free e-books
A really cool place to learn how to code (Javascript) and a great example of an engaging learning tool: Code Academy

Wikis with info on tools and ideasOn Universal Design for Learning, with links and ideas to tools and techniquesA wiki called "Cool Tools for Schools" A wiki, "by students for students", Digital Literacy at Millis High
More information on using the wiki: A collection of posts from eLearning on how to use wikis effectively. The site also has great information and links on creating flash demonstrations, video, and other tech tools.

Some example wikis to consider:Scary Spuds: shows how many students can contribute to a larger projectCHS Animal Kingdom: a biology class collaborating on organizing information on living things

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Technology and Visualization


Learn more about...

How people access web sites

An article by Jakob Nielsen on how people read web pages.

How to visualize informationAn article from Edward Tufte on visualizing moviesEdward Tufte writes a lot on this subjectAn article from //Smashing Magazine// on different types of data visualization

Making a site more usableMore from Jakob Nielson at UseIt.comDefinition of "user experience" from
Designing websitesThink VitaminTuts Plus, which has training videosSmashing Magazine, which has posts about designing users' experiences


this is really a huge topic, but start with Donald Normanor Steven Heller or this list from Brain Pickings (which has a lot of helpful resources)

Sites that have educational videos

A list from Wikipedia Khan Academy TED

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Check out Data-Driven Documents, or D3.jsD3.jpg
Sites to visualize stories/conceptsiLearn TechnologyA Periodic Table of VisualizationA page of starter info. on the many ways to use digital cameras in the classroom (I have a digital camera in the classroom; make sure you know how you will upload and share anything you film):


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