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Fishbowl Instructions

Goals and Objectives for the Course

Websites for AP English Literature and Composition

An Internet Hotlist by Mary Filak: a full list of links
another set of links: Lisa Boyd's Salem High School Wiki
Link to the class wiki: AP English Literature and Composition at Suncoast

a great set of resources on Aristotle's Poetics and works by Freud, Heidegger, Plato, and others:

AP Central has TWO full-length released exams (with answers for the MC and explanations of scores for the essays)

Handouts and Links for Units

William Carlos Williams poems:
Queen Anne's Lace
The Great Figure
The Red Wheelbarrow
This Is Just to Say

Just for fun:
This Is Just to Say That I'm Tired of Sharing an Apartment with William Carlos Williams (McSweeney's, caution: mild adult language)
Easy Poet Costume Ideas (from Poetry.org)

Wall Street Journal article "Where Paint and Poetry Meet"
Introduction to The Wedge "Introduction" (by William Carlos Williams)

William Wordsworth:
The Daffodils (or "I wandered lonely as a cloud")
Daffodils video

"Crossing the Swamp" (Mary Oliver) from AP English Lit and Comp exam 2004 B

"A Dream Deferred" (Langston Hughes): Find as many poetic devices as possible: figurative language, sound devices (what you know how to ID), and any metrical patterns you can see.

A good page with literary terms and links to other sites that have comprehensive lists. Please suggest other places you find reliable term lists and sites as you find them:
Literary Terms