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Need more help getting started with wikis? This is a clear tutorial: TeachersFirst Wiki Walk Through
Some basics on how to edit the wiki: Click here

Advice and Suggestions

Check out "Technology and Visualization" on the Jobs page.

Using the Wiki Effectively

How we use wikis in class
Visit Wikispaces' Help page on how to edit text

Arrangement is super important on wikis: Wikipatterns, a collection of adoption patterns and anti-patterns for spurring increased use
Some inspiration:

Born to Learn from Born to Learn on Vimeo.

Wikispaces has a nice help section and a video:

A book on using the wiki effectively.

Design and Structure

A big part of learning about effective visual rhetoric today is understanding something about web design.
For example, arrangement and organization become incredibly important. Here is an example of stream-lined organization:
I also recommend looking up more about Edward Tufte and doing some searches on his blog.
And think about how you are delivering your information on your wiki contribution: standards and information

Wikis in Education

Courtesy of one of the Technology Managers, here is a Wikispaces link to other wikis in education:

Start Marketing

If people are still not "adopting" the wiki as a central place to discuss, post notes, etc., consider some Facebook and/or Google+ marketing:
How to add a "Like" button from Facebook
How to add a "Plus one" button from Google

Also consider featuring some of the cooler things that appear on the wiki in an in-class poster. Let me (Ms. C) know if you need paper and/or printing.

Cannibalize sets of links you like! For example: (the danger here is that pages can go dead, but you can pull links from others' pages too:)
College Board Course Description and Resources
  • includes course description, sample syllabi, full exam, and lots of College Board approved resources

AP Central: AP Language Exam Questions
  • includes links to recent essay questions, sample student responses, and scorer's commentary

On posting visuals and videos:

Use a video hosting site that can be accessed from school. One that works is Teacher Tube. However, this site can be slow.

Also check out:
a number of services listed on this forum post:

A list of resources in the public domain, from another Wikispace:
also check out for audio books, video footage, and a lot of other tools.

Here is another, from a British site on using tech in education:

Follow the Wikis

I keep track of what you're doing on the wikis using an RSS Reader. You can also get a reader and follow changes on this wiki and/or your class's wiki.

What I like to see in the feed: Lots of different people contributing.
What I don't like to see: 1-2 people and I using the wiki.

Here's the feed: